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The worlds first protective wear on non-newtonian basis

Thanks to an innovative non-Newtonian material and a honeycomb structure, our protectors adapt to any body shape.


Flexible during sports, our protector hardens immediately upon impact, providing the protection of standard hard shell protectors.


We protect the environment not only by extending the life of our protectors, but also by using sustainable materials and packaging.

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“The perfect combination of flexibility, protection and design.”
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Our Partners

We work together with multiple skate shops in Germany, bringing the newest Flex Protexx Protective wear near you!


We collaborate together with diverse streetwear and skate brands to bring our design to the next level.    


In cooperation with the University of Cologne we continuously work hard to improve our patented technology.

Non-Newtonian Material combined with new Honeycomb Structure
Our protector material has non-Newtonian properties, thus can change its viscosity depending on the pressure load. When there is no force applied, during dynamic sports, the material is as fluid as a liquid. However, when force is applied in a shock-like manner, for example during a crash, the material hardens abruptly and prevents injuries.
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